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You can find some soft quotes and treatment options below:


Bed Bugs

bed bug nymph

bed bug nymph

We specialize in bed bug extermination and therefore can give heavily discounted prices from our competitors. A soft quote for bed bug removal is one hundred dollars per bed with a minimum charge of two hundred ninety five dollars. Any final quote will be given over the phone. If an inspection is desired there is a twenty dollar trip charge that will be credited toward the treatment cost if treatment is needed.

If you need our services for the treatment of bed bugs then certain things must be accomplished, outlined below:


  • Wash all clothes, curtains and anything with cloth.  Dry in high heat.  It's best to go to a Laundry Mat where they have commercial dryers.
  • Pick up all clutter off the floor in the bedrooms and living room.
  • No clutter against any baseboard in any room.
  • Take down paintings and anything else on the walls in the bedrooms
  • All dressers in the bedroom be empty
  • The closets must be empty.
  • Any bookcases or night stands in the bedroom must be empty.
  • Beds be stripped.
  • Nothing (no belongings) on couches or chairs.
  • Use sprayer or mister bottle filled with isopropyl alcohol to spray the inside of shoes, purses, book bags, etc., that includes toys

We do offer heat treatment for bed bugs but we will charge much more. For an exact quote, give us a call.


German Cockroach

German Cockroach

Cockroaches are a pest humans have dealt with since the beginning of time. However, we can help make sure they don't bother you until the end of time. Our price varies from home to home but will average ninety five dollars. We keep coming back for these guys until they're gone. 

If treatment is needed for these pests we need a few things done, outlined below:


  • Kitchen cabinets must be clean and clear of everything. No dishes, food, or debris. These things can be moved to a table
  • Underneath the sink must be clear as well, they love dark places
  • All drawers must be cleaned out. No silverware or other household supplies
  • Everything moved away from the walls by at least six inches. We need to spray the perimeter of the entire house